“As Ignite’s BIM Manager, my role is to ensure that we deliver really good models.”
HAMISH ALLOTT ASSOCIATE hamisha@ignitearchitects.com

I love the challenge of the work I do.

Most people I know have had at least two careers by now. I’ve been working on drawings and models for nearly 25 years and I still enjoy coming in to the office on Monday. I love that what we do, and how we do it, is constantly changing, and I find the whole design documentation process fascinating.

As Ignite’s BIM Manager, my role is to ensure that we deliver really good models. Often I will have responsibility for an enormous building, with up to 700 sheets in a drawing set, so there’s a lot of work involved in getting each job done.

The Auckland District Health Board Car Park was one of the most challenging projects I’ve been involved with. The aluminium façade was extremely complex and there was no way to do a site measure, so the model had to be absolutely perfect. Given that the façade was manufactured in China and the supporting steel structure was manufactured in Auckland at the same time, it was a pretty stressful job. It’s safe to say I was relieved when the last panel went up with no problems!

I really enjoy challenging perceptions that ‘it can’t be done’. There is always a way – though it’s usually reliant on having an innovative engineer. Of course the client might not always be willing to pay for the structural or services materials that the solution requires.

I’ve always been a mad aviation nut. My dad was in the Air Force and I’ve flown and jumped out of a fair few planes in my time. That’s why I love working on aviation projects. I also enjoy working on towers – I think they appeal to my fundamental need to show off!

My favourite place in the world is Queenstown. My grandfather built a house down there when my dad was a kid, so we used to go down for holidays when I was growing up – it’s a place where I feel at peace.