“I’m really interested in the relationship between architecture and the urban environment.”
JASON KING ASSOCIATE jasonk@ignitearchitects.com

I’m really passionate about the way private space relates to public space.

I was a keen skateboarder as a teenager and designed and built the first public vert skateramp in Parakai, Auckland. It was one of many childhood adventures creating things.

I’ve worked throughout the architectural industry in different ways and on many different levels. I started off in architectural draughting and ran my own design and draughting business for 10 years.

I’m really interested in the relationship between architecture and the urban environment. That means carefully considering the transitions and thresholds, and the interface between public and private environments.

I believe that we need to reflect the melting pot of life, provide people with greater diversity in housing typologies and create positive spatial experiences. It requires a careful balance, as we obviously need to be mindful of the cost efficiencies of a project.

We can easily find spatial inspiration for the New Zealand urban environment by heading into the bush. There we see the vision of narrow paths which open up to a scenic outlook or clearing. It’s a seamless connection between private and public space.

I was fortunate enough to attend a summer school under Peter Stutchbury. His work helped shape my approach to residential design – particularly through the way he uses different materials to provide contrast, harmony and detail.

When I can get the time, I’m out on the water kiteboarding. There’s a few of us at Ignite who enjoy it. At home, I’m really fortunate that my wife is a chef so I enjoy taste testing her incredible creations!