“Ignite is a very people-centric company, and they genuinely care about the people that work here.”
NICKY DELLER PEOPLE & CULTURE MANAGER nickyd@ignitearchitects.com

Being engaged at work, and with our employer, makes a huge difference to our quality of life.

Human Resources opens the doors to working on many interesting projects, and you are involved across an entire business – you aren’t just restricted to one department. I really enjoy working in partnership with other people.

One of my favourite aspects of HR is recruitment. Selecting someone who fits the culture of the business is as important as their training and experience. When you find the right candidate, it is great seeing it all come together.

Employee engagement is another area I enjoy. Partly because I am drawn to a challenge, but also because this is an area where you can make a real difference to people’s lives.

I got into the HR field after moving to the UK and taking a role at a food manufacturing company. There was no HR department, so I set everything up. It was a fantastic challenge and it sparked my passion for HR and recruitment. When I left that position, it had gone from nothing to becoming a well-established part of the business, which was incredibly satisfying.

I also worked in hospitality as the Staffing Manager at Eden Park. It presented some interesting challenges. The job required continuous development to keep improving the processes. I managed the recruitment of a huge number of staff, with up to 1,200 casual staff coming in on game days – that is a lot of shirts and aprons to get through a laundry turnaround between games!

Ignite is a very people-centric company, and they genuinely care about the people that work here.  It is recognised that people have lives outside of work and this is respected. 

I love to travel, and before having a family I travelled a lot. I also love trying different cuisines from around the world. I am a real foodie and enjoy cooking for my family and friends, and my travel has influenced this.