“Aviation is a sector I have become very passionate about. It comes with great responsibility and is a challenge that really inspires me.”

Design has always been in my family.

I have always had architecture in mind as a career from a young age. My father runs his own product design company, and he also designed and built our family home in Dunedin when I was younger. Having exposure to these experiences kindled an interest in design and how it could evolve.

Recently being able to design my parent’s new house in Nelson has been a rewarding experience given that they inspired me to get into architecture in the first place.

After finishing my architectural studies, I travelled to Ireland to play professional rugby in conjunction with working full-time for one of Dublin’s most well-respected architecture firms. It was here that I gained valuable international experience on large-scale commercial and retail projects.

I became involved in aviation design once I’d returned to New Zealand. It is a sector which I have become very passionate about. It also comes with great responsibility as an architect, as almost everyone you speak to has been through these buildings at some point in time. It is a challenge that really inspires me.

My travels have helped shape my perspective on architecture. I really admire the work of the visionary architects who designed the case study houses in LA the 1950s. You can still see their influences on the modernist group architecture movement in New Zealand and in contemporary architecture today. When it comes to design, I am a big believer in less is more.

When I’m not spending time with my wife and our dog, I’m still keen on playing sport such as tennis, golf and touch rugby– but nowadays it’s just for enjoyment.