“Ignite Architects has been a commercially focussed practice since day one. We take pride in our ability to deliver buildings that not only meet the functional brief, but are commercially viable too.”

Our Story

Our story began in 1987 when Brisbane-based firm, Anderson Street Architects set up a new office in Auckland. Specialising in supermarket developments, retail centres and fast food brand work, the business quickly began delivering projects for well-known brands, such as Foodtown and Georgie Pie, across New Zealand.

In 1995, with the business’ leadership evolving, Anderson Street changed its name to ASA. Five years later, ASA became ASA Crone after forming a joint venture with Australian firm, Crone in Australia on retail projects. The joint venture enabled both organisations to explore opportunities on either side of the Tasman and, long after this initiative, Ignite Architects continues to carry out projects in both Australia and New Zealand.

In 2003, the business underwent its final brand evolution, becoming Ignite (now known as Ignite Architects). In 2004, Ignite Architects opened two new offices – the first in Sydney, and the second in Tauranga – and, in 2014, the business extended its New Zealand operation further by opening an office in Christchurch.

Today Ignite Architects employs more than 140 people across New Zealand and Australia. Our teams provide master planning, design and documentation, project delivery and interior design services for clients as far away as China. Our early track record in retail projects has developed into broader-reaching expertise that covers commercial buildings, healthcare and aged care facilities, schools, residential and mixed-use developments that include retail, commercial, residential and hotel uses.

Our Values

As a business, we’re tenacious – we see things through, until the right result is delivered. Our commercial focus means the design solutions we create answer the client’s brief not just in terms of design, form and function, but in relation to return on investment too.

We’re also boundary-less. We enjoy pushing design to see how far we can go, and have proven that we can create successful buildings both locally and overseas.

Our client-centric nature means that we often become a trusted confidant for those that engage us. Clients can share their vision and their constraints freely with us, safe in the knowledge that our team will find a design solution that meets their needs.


Our Capability

Our track record includes retail and commercial buildings, mixed-use development, schools, residential, hotels and entertainment complexes, aged care and healthcare facilities, and master planning.

Many of the projects we undertake involve a complex brief, multiple stakeholders or highly sensitive environments. Regardless of the challenge we are faced with, our team has the proven ability to deliver a design solution that meets the needs of the client and its users.

As well as providing architectural design and delivery services, Ignite operates a specialist interiors team, which delivers commercially-focussed interior design for a range of environments, including offices, retail stores, bars, restaurants and entertainment projects

Ignite Architects has delivered projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, China, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. No matter where in the world each project is located, our commitment to providing a well-considered design, that meets functional and commercial requirements, remains the same. 




Building Information Management (BIM) is the process of collecting and managing information about every aspect of a building within a single digital platform.

Using BIM-capable software, the teams responsible for creating buildings are able to model spaces in greater detail and collaborate across disciplines to produce more accurate construction information.

Ignite Architects is one of New Zealand’s most BIM capable practices. Our industry-leading BIM competency is the result of long-term investment in design software, training and specialist staff.

In the early 2000s Ignite was one of the first practices in New Zealand to adopt 3D modelling. Since then our in-house capability has continued to develop and, today, we use world-class Revit BIM software which allows information to be shared with our clients and other parties to a project. Our dedicated BIM Manager ensures our contribution to the BIM process is accurate and well-informed, and that staff are fully trained on how to create integrated models.