“I do admire designers that have the ability to incorporate abstract ideas into their work.”

There are so many factors that contribute to an excellent design outcome…

From having a strong idea to follow, to having a client who is open to the concept that’s being proposed. As a rationalist, I consider context important and believe design concepts need to appreciate and respond to contextual opportunities and restraints. 

While I tend to take a rationalist approach, I do admire designers that have the ability to incorporate abstract ideas into their work and appreciate some of the more whimsical buildings out there. I also like to integrate materials that are honest in their use.

These days there’s a lot more compartmentalisation in terms of the way things are built. That means greater levels of coordination are needed for documentation and construction, and it makes good communication very important!

I have had some great role models over the years. One in particular was a manager who was ex-military and had a very clear vision of what our team should be doing, where we were going and how we would execute each project. His people management skills and foresight were excellent and, to this day, I still find myself thinking ‘what would he do?’

It’s difficult to pick my favourite example of architecture. The Horta Museum in Brussels is jaw-droppingly beautiful though. It’s very art nouveau, very ornate and just exceptionally well crafted. One of my favourite features within it is a staircase with a beautiful turned wood and curved metal balustrade.

Away from work, I enjoy sport – especially triathlons. I’ve completed an Ironman and numerous half-Ironman triathlons.