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Anthony Sephton Anthony Sephton

Anthony Sephton

Associate Director


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Good architecture is rooted in time and place and designed with a timeless aesthetic - it divulges a story which helps to capture the attention of those who may not even be a part of the process. Creating buildings which are intrinsic within their setting, creates the perfect stage for the theatre of life to play out. These are some of the principles considered when delivering top-quality design responses.

Registered Architect (NZ); M.ARCH; B.ARCH
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I have garnered a strong technical understanding of architecture with 6 years spent in the UK and on diverse projects at Ignite. My experience spans multiple sectors, from residential apartments and commercial centres to conservation, working on Grade 1 listed buildings in London


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I recently had a little boy. Spending time with my family influences the way I think about how family units can interact with architecture - how their needs around the home might change as they evolve, or how an inspirational design can bring joy on a day out.