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Eric TellEric Tell

Eric Tell

Associate Director


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We're seeing a big shift in the design and construction of urban landscapes. In addressing urban sprawl and the shortage of space, we are starting to lose clear designation between public and private areas - and it’s up to us as architects to address how they are consolidated. In mixed-use design, we look at how these spaces may feed into each other, rather than remain separate. We want to craft something that embodies good design, while being commercially astute. It is only by marrying both objectives that we can ensure the success of a project.

Registered Architect (NZ); M.ARCH; B.ARCH
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I have a great appreciation for being able to influence the way people share communal spaces. I enjoy having the opportunity to add value for communities, whether it be creating new shared spaces or revitalising existing spaces to better suit the needs of today's society.


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I like to keep updated with mixed-use developments across the globe. One of the most extreme and impressive mixed-use projects is the ARC energy plant in Copenhagen. It's a beautiful amalgamation of recreational and commercial space and allows the community to engage with it.

I enjoy trips in my 4WD.
The ARC energy plant in Copenhagen.


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