“To create great design solutions, firstly we need to ask the right questions of the client.”
GRANT BANNATYNE ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR grantbannatyne@ignitearchitects.com

I love to draw and design.

As a child I always loved making things – whether it was out of cardboard, or from wood using my dad’s tools. If I hadn’t become an architect, I probably would have been working in a related field like furniture, graphic or industrial design. Or I’d be a stuntman… my boyhood dream job!

My role at Ignite is design lead for the Star Mountain project in Papua New Guinea. It’s a major development, with multiple stakeholders, that includes a 5-star hotel, convention centre, large car parking building, and mixed-used apartment and retail complex.

One of the highlights of working on Star Mountain has been its public launch in Papua New Guinea. The Prime Minister and other dignitaries spoke about their aspirations for the project. It was a great milestone, and also a reminder of our responsibilities in contributing towards a successful outcome. 

Honesty and integrity are really important to me.  We have to really care about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it – even more so in architecture, given the all-consuming nature of the profession. 

To create great design solutions, firstly we need to ask the right questions of the client. Then we have to open our ears and minds in order to gain a deep understanding of what their building is expected to deliver. 

Travel is my greatest passion, and I enjoy recording new experiences through photography. Living abroad and seeing the world has helped me to appreciate how other societies have done things, which gives me a lot to draw on in my professional life.

While I was living overseas, I was fortunate to work in Renzo Piano’s office for nearly six years. His projects typically have fantastic attention to detail, legibility and materiality, whilst striving to improve the public realm with great sensitivity to the environment.