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Kakano Business Park

Designed to meet the demand and strong performance of Auckland’s north-west industrial market.

Aluminum window portraits create shading and depth.


Aluminum window portraits create shading and depth.

A high-grade industrial space for small and large format tenants.

Comprising six lots in total, with approximately 10,000m² of industrial, retail and office space, Kakano Business Park attracts a diverse range of tenants. This is supported with its favourable location in Westgate, one of Auckland’s strongest industrial growth areas.

The development has been guided by several key objectives: the provision of single title units, flexibility of use, accessible amenities, and attracting operators that will create diverse local employment opportunities for a developing area.

Large-scale signage provides seamless wayfinding.


Large-scale signage provides seamless wayfinding.

Auckland, New Zealand
July 2022

Bright, modern interiors allow flexibility for tenants


Bright, modern interiors allow flexibility for tenants


Building upon existing relationships, Ignite worked closely with the consultants and contractors to deliver this project promptly. With strong communication across the teams, Covid related supply issues were managed well, with key materials purchased in advance.

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Kakano Business Park’s design success has been driven by the client’s focus on a quality offering, and the incredible teamwork across the project.

To ensure the project delivered a great commercial outcome for the client, the concept phase encompassed detailed market research, which helped shape the design early on. During the developed design phase, further iterations were made with the customisation of individual units to suit tenant’s needs.

The design and construction of Kakano Business Park uses a variety of materials, suitable for the high durability requirements of industrial activities, as well as forming architectural interest for the public interface.

Such materials include precast concrete panels, flush glaze shopfronts, and aluminum portrait surrounds to windows, providing shading and depth. A boundary enclosure with walls, fencing, and automatic gates provides security, and large-scale illuminated signage panels provide wayfinding.

The completed development has been successful in delivering optimised yield for the client, meeting demand for an evolving urban centre and acting as a benchmark for similar developments in the industry.