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Szymon GozdzikowskiSzymon Gozdzikowski

Szymon Gozdzikowski



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I believe that great buildings tell a cohesive story. They have a relationship between forms, elements, and space that not only works for the purpose of the project, but evokes an emotional response, too. There are amazing opportunities in design, and my goal is to create dynamic spaces for everyday life to unfold. I love seeing people use the spaces we design; the connections that are made there, and the communities that emerge. When we treat each project, client, site, and city as unique, our design is unique - and this approach allows us to think innovatively and push the boundaries of design.

Registered Architect (NZ); Master of Architecture and Urban Planning
New Zealand
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I’ve worked extensively in Europe, Asia, and New Zealand, and my track record includes notable projects across multiple typologies. My strength as a designer is finding smart solutions that suit the client and the project, and which enhance the wellbeing of the user.


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My mother was an architect, and she was my earliest inspiration. Having lived in different countries, I really enjoy exploring and understanding the diversity of architectural styles. All buildings reflect a time, place, and reason for being as they are – they tell a story.

The diversity found in architecture
Exploring the Southern Alps
Growing up in Poland first introduced me to strong monumental structures