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Jeremy BensemanJeremy Benseman

Jeremy Benseman

Associate Director & Group Technology Manager


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Innovation in tech is like any other business objective: once you have the vision for where you want to go, it is the users, and the culture they create that will drive change. I think well executed BIM tools, driven by a safe pair of hands, can grow trust, drive innovation, and facilitate amazing ideas into reality. The tools we use are important to that process, like a master craftsman’s chisel and hammer.

National Diploma in Architectural Technology
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Delivering many large-scale award-winning projects across NZ, my 15 years of experience has delivered significant knowledge of the challenges, processes and requirements to deliver using BIM technology. This experience helps me lead best practice across Ignite.


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I love learning about how things work so technology is in my blood. I think with innovation and the pace of change accelerating it’s a really interesting and dynamic field.

I love the outdoors, particularly being on the water.
Engineering is in my blood so there’s always a project on the go at home
Its great for the kids to experience new places, travel is always a highlight for us.


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