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Marcel VethMarcel Veth

Marcel Veth


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I’ve always been drawn to the technical aspects of buildings and structures. As a young child, I was fascinated by centuries-old Druid tomb structures in the western parts of Europe. I like to know how buildings go together. When it comes to design, I believe that durability has a lot of weight. This is achieved in the details and the materials we select for a building, ensuring we create a structure that future generations can also enjoy.

New Zealand Certificate in Draughting (Architecture)
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Over my 40+ year career in New Zealand’s building industry, I’ve worked on significant remediation projects across the country. Leaky buildings have a devasting effect on owners and the economy - they’re not always the prettiest, but I enjoy their problem-solving nature.

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I’m inspired by the architectural work of Antonio Gaudi; his buildings echo the power of nature with free-flowing forms. I also enjoy thumbing through my 110-year-old book of architecture. There’s a lot that the craftsman from the past and historic buildings can teach us today.

Learning about architecture from history
Frank Gehry's originality
Antonio Gaudi’s natural forms


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