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Mark Crean



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I see Architecture as a constant evolution, where every new project is trying to improve on the last, where the feeling of being around a table with a great design team, pushing each other to achieve the best possible client outcomes brings the greatest satisfaction. The collaborative nature of architecture means that I prefer to be involved in all the phases of a project from start to the finish. I think ‘design’ is in every phase, and is as often said, the beauty is in the detail. I currently lead the Aged Care team here at Ignite. It is exciting time to be working in this field and Ignite is playing a leading role. We are extremely proud to be influencing the experience of our aging population, and improving their enjoyment of the twilight years.

New Zealand Certificate of Architectural Design
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I have worked in the architectural and yacht design industry since 1987, this has helped me develop an extensive skill set across aged care and commercial architecture projects, as well superyacht design and strategic advisory.


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My first love and early career was devoted to yacht design, which I think is the perfect training ground for architecture. There is something special about competing in the upper echelons, it creates amazing work!

Being near the coast or on the water is my family’s favourite way to recharge the batteries. I also paddle a surf ski in the occasional team race.
The performance, luxury and technology demands of Superyacht design create amazing work.
I love the construction innovation in the Louvre glass façade. Designed by I.M Pei.