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Metlifecare Fairway Gardens

Quality aged care on a human scale

Double height ceilings


Double height ceilings

Living options to accommodate all stages of care

Using an “urban village” model, the Metlife­care Fairway Gardens development com­prises 203 independent living apartments. It provides quality aged care through innovative and sustainable lifestyle solutions. The ameni­ties building is positioned centrally on the site so that community activities and facilities are easily accessible by all residents.

All weather outdoor seating


All weather outdoor seating

Auckland, New Zealand
In progress


apartment buildings


sqm land area

Pool house


Pool house


The project team has taken great care to ensure Fairway Gardens positively integrates with the surrounding urban context through thoughtful building massing, orientation, extensive amenities, and use of generous landscaping throughout the site.

The vision for Fairway Gardens is to transform the ageing experience through the provision of high-quality care communities, which improve the wellbeing of residents, give residents the ability to personalise their space, and enables residents to feel like the village is their home.

Homes are gathered in clusters of 10-16, forming human scale neighbourhoods in each apartment building. Across the site there are 14 separate apartment buildings, each forming its own micro-community.

Throughout the site pedestrians and cars access buildings via slow-zone shared spaces, this aims to facilitate an active, community-focused experience which engages its residents and promotes social participation.

The Amenities building is positioned centrally on the site so that community activities and facilities such as a Café and Lounge area are easily accessed by all residents. The building provides a shared space for residents to congregate and bump into friends.

The Care model provides residents with living options to accommodate all stages of aged care, with shared common facilities, and serviced apartments providing flexibility and independence for those with higher care, and dementia facility needs.


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