In a crowded market, Capital Ventures College Hill knew the design of its multi-unit Perspective Apartments development would have to create a ‘next level’ opportunity for contemporary city dwelling.





Auckland, New Zealand



Despite a sought-after location within walking distance of both Ponsonby and the Viaduct, the development ran the risk of being classed as ‘the same old apartment offering’ if the design didn’t entice investors with something unique.


Ignite created an exceptional offering for Capital Ventures College Hill to take to market by focussing on quality of living and the opportunity to enjoy a sense of space and privacy.

Designed as a series of platforms, the apartments offer generous, flexible living with the ability to create a private space if desired. Residents enjoy a sense of space, as well as maximum sun and views because of the varying height of each apartment block.

Creating an ‘interactive living billboard of city life’, residents play their part in the way the building presents itself to the street. Residents can change the look of the building as they move aluminium sliding louvres across their balcony, adjusting for privacy, weather or noise.


The design of the building’s central courtyard enabled the client to offer potential investors a quiet retreat from the city that doesn’t skimp on views or sunshine. Designed with the sun in mind, the height of each apartment block varies from two- to five-storey.

To blur the line between the indoors and outdoors, Ignite treated apartment balconies as part of the living space. The sliding louvres on each balcony serve as the room’s window treatment if desired.

To meet the demands of its high-end target market, room design offers a high level of sophistication, with lime-washed maple timber floors in the living, dining and kitchen areas. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors provide maximum light and ventilation.


Sliding doors inside the apartments allow savvy inner-city dwellers to play with the layout of living spaces. Residents can modify sleeping, living, dining and kitchen areas, effectively transferring space to where they need it. The only fixed space is the bathroom.

The substantial use of glazing across the front of the building is offset by the aluminium louvres that also add privacy. Adjustable blades on the louvres allow residents to adapt to the elements.