Ignite Celebrates Seven Internal Appointments



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August 18, 2023

We are pleased to announce the internal appointments of seven Ignite team members!

Ignite Celebrates Seven Internal Appointments

Due to growth in the Aged Care team, and abroad future pipeline of work, Todd Myers has been appointed as Sector Lead. Director Mark Crean says, “Todd was a clear choice for the Sector Lead role given the depth of his experience and calm demeanor under pressure. He’s one of Ignite’s strongest documenters and is incredibly technically sound. We’re excited to see his expertise filter through Ignite.”

Shane Hills has been appointed as Associate Director in the Aged Care team. Mark Crean says, “From the start, Shane has approached his role with a strong level of enthusiasm. He’s highly solutions-focused, and his technical experience has been key, particularly delivering CLT buildings and new insulated façade systems. Shane is a real team player and has great relationships with the team, clients, consultants, and contractors.”

Two Associate appointments have also been awarded in Aged Care, to Joyee Kwan and Elizabeth Stewart. Mark notes that, “Joyee is a safe pair of hands – she’s wise beyond her years and has a strong, enduring work ethic.” Regarding Elizabeth’s appointment, Mark says, “Elizabeth has been a key team player with Ignite for 7 years, working on a number of large, complex projects. She approaches all work with tenacity and has a world of experience to draw from."

In Tauranga, Aaron Jaques is appointed Associate, following his significant contribution to project delivery, documentation and client/contractor relations leading us to win repeat work.

Tauranga Director Damian Simpson says, “A true team player, Aaron offers significant technical and Revit-based guidance to the team and takes ownership of many non-project roles in our regional studio, including social events and sports co-ordination. We look forward to his participation in leadership sessions, to bolster our company-wide strategic initiatives and values.”

In the Commercial team, Louise Mann is appointed Associate. Louise joined Ignite in 2016 after making the move to architecture following a successful career in the dental industry. Director Grant Bannatyne says, “Louise has worked on a number of key projects, including the day to day running of 1 Albert – which presented a number of challenges. Louise is incredibly conscientious, passionate, and happy to roll up her sleeves and dive into complex tasks. She’s hugely capable, and very well-liked by all who work with her.”

In the RMU team, Isaac Kawiti has been appointed Associate. Principal Grant Armstrong says, “Isaac’s dedication, high level of professionalism and leadership in the team has seen him go from strength to strength. We look forward to seeing Isaac continue to thrive and grow through the business.”

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