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Warkworth Primary School

An innovative learning environment nurturing both students and the wider community

Bright interiors for accessible wayfinding


Bright interiors for accessible wayfinding

A place that supports future growth

Located in the heart of the Northern Rodney district, Warkworth School is a large contributing primary school of approximately 600 Year 1-6 students. The community is a mix of semi-rural and rural families. Taking future roll growth into consideration, the redevelopment includes two brand new blocks that house an administration building, locker rooms, a library, music rooms, and 14 teaching spaces.

Bold school colours give a sense of familiarity on arrival


Bold school colours give a sense of familiarity on arrival

Warkworth, New Zealand
November 2020




teaching spaces

The bleacher-style arrangement allows for large gatherings


The bleacher-style arrangement allows for large gatherings


The design team allowed for staged consenting in order to fast track construction as much as possible. The team worked on multiple facets of the project ensuring timely delivery of various packages.

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“Warkworth Primary School is a high-performing school which plays an increasingly important role as Auckland’s population spreads northwards”

The school is separated into two campuses that work collaboratively. The junior campus has been rebuilt with three Innovative Learning Environments (ILEs) and was opened in 2016. The redevelopment of the senior campus was completed in 2020.


Major staging of the school campus was required to allow for temporary relocation of the teaching spaces, followed by the design and construction of the administration building, library, teaching spaces, car parking, and landscaping.


During development, the entire senior campus had to relocate to the junior campus in order to allow for construction. Careful planning with the school had to be conducted to ensure that the move could happen over holidays and with least disruption to the students and teachers.


The school’s pedagogy has been truly reflected in both campuses, ensuring a seamless transition for junior students moving onto the senior campus.


The learning spaces also allow for a music suite, which is acoustically treated. The upper level connects to the ground via a bleachers-style arrangement, allowing for large outdoor gatherings.


Prior to the school’s new redevelopment, the school lacked colour and presence to the street. By adding these familiar colours to the buildings, both students and the community can associate with the new buildings, fostering a sense of belonging and place.


The new redevelopment ensures the school has fantastic facilities which set it up for future roll growth.



Commercial Project Awards - Gold