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Whitsundays Eco-Retreat

A low-footprint wellness facility

Connected to the lush surrounds of Queensland’s landscape


Connected to the lush surrounds of Queensland’s landscape

The physical manifestation of leading-edge wellness concepts

The Whitsundays Eco-Retreat sits on 6 acres of pristine land in Queensland. Designed for small groups of 20, guests attend a variety of health, wellness, and leadership programmes to revitalise and realign.

Helping people adapt to live in our modern world


Helping people adapt to live in our modern world

Queensland, Australia
In progress


sqm wellness pavilion


acres of natural landscape

Modular cabanas fabricated off-site


Modular cabanas fabricated off-site


Addressing the market interest in Wellness Tourism, this project is a smart blend of modern construction methods, sustainable design, and close client collaboration.

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"This benchmark development blurs the boundaries between hospitality, wellness, and education. It is aimed at enabling people to recalibrate and realign in a curated boutique retreat."

The Whitsundays Eco-Retreat & Wellness project is a Blue Zone development that aligns with the principles of wellness and longevity. The master plan includes a central dining and education facility, yoga and meditation pavilion, creativity workshop, adventure centre, and 20 modular cabanas.

The cabanas are to be fabricated off-site in a controlled factory setting and delivered complete to site, which will improve the build quality and reduce construction costs. This prefabricated approach also avoids damaging the delicate ecosystem, which reflects the overall philosophical ideas driving the wellness retreat.


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