Three Ignite architects achieve registration

We are thrilled to share that Associate Caroline Bartlett, Leonie Neuweger, and David Madsen have been appointed Registered Architects by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB).

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The trio were part of Ignite’s Graduate Development Programme, which is designed to support graduates on their registration journey. Their achievement marks a 100% success rate for Ignite’s Graduate Development Programme this year.

To become registered, Caroline and David took Pathway 1 for architectural graduates who have both a recognised architectural degree and the required work experience. Leonie, who is a UK-registered architect, took Pathway 3, which is designed for registered architects not recognised by New Zealand.

Caroline joined Ignite’s Auckland studio in 2010 and says that connecting with other architectural graduates across the country, from both Ignite and other firms, was a great source of support. David, who has been part of the Auckland team since 2017, says being on-site and getting projects over the line were the most memorable moments of his registration journey. Leonie has been part of the Tauranga studio since 2019, and her advice for other graduates is to persevere and make the most of the learning opportunities that present themselves along the way.

“The support you get from the Ignite Graduate Development Programme sessions and weekend workshops is fantastic – the learning is never ending!”

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