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19 Argyle Street

A bespoke response to Auckland’s density plans.

Designed for timeless appeal


Designed for timeless appeal

A pronounced addition to the street

19 Argyle Street is a proposed 3-storey duplex, located in the Auckland city-fringe suburb of Herne Bay.

The 502m2 site, previously zoned for a suburban single house - is now part of the planning change (PC78) that allows for higher density living in Auckland.  

Ignite have refined an existing design, and successfully submitted the project for resource consent - one of the first under the new aforementioned residential standards. Ignite’s team will continue to support the project’s delivery throughout building consent and construction.

The design of 19 Argyle Street observes the existing context of the neighbourhood with elegant and engaging architecture – offering a cohesive yet pronounced addition to the street.

Crisp detailing


Crisp detailing

Auckland, New Zealand

Leveraging a natural outlook


Leveraging a natural outlook


Adapting the design from the original concept architects, Ignite worked closely with the services and structural engineers, achieving a clean crisp interior whilst navigating tight constraints such as minimized floor build-up, to stay within the height boundaries.

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“With land in our urban centres a precious commodity, 19 Argyle Street is a highly detailed, bespoke response to Auckland’s new housing density plans, that carefully embraces the character of the existing streetscape.”

The proposal draws inspiration from minimalistic contemporary architecture characterised by crisp detailing, abstract forms, and clean lines. Pure abstract volumes articulating the ground, first and second floor areas are stacked to create visual interest reminiscent of contemporary art galleries.  

The building mass steps from ground floor all the way to the second floor to clearly articulate the forms into a more readable scale. This response helps the building to comply with the boundary rule restraints and relate to the predominant two-storey house streetscape, whilst allowing ample sun, air, and privacy from neighbouring homes.

A thoughtfully landscaped central courtyard is introduced for each house, welcoming ventilation and sunlight into the deep floorplates, and providing a natural outlook. The courtyard further acts as a natural division between the garage and living room on the ground floor and demarcates the bedrooms and social living areas on the first floor.

The building materiality is deliberately selected to have timeless appeal, offering a warm neutral palette. The ground level is clad in translucent polycarbonate and split faced stone veneer, and the first and second floors feature a textured concrete-like render finish.


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