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Allbirds Britomart

The retail homecoming for a Kiwi success story

Pegboard displays


Pegboard displays

The first brick-and-mortar store in New Zealand

Located in a popular shopping precinct in central Auckland, Allbirds Britomart tells the story of the brand, its creators, and its New Zealand connection.

Customers are encouraged to be tactile


Customers are encouraged to be tactile

Auckland, New Zealand
August 2019

Made from recycled plastic bottles


Made from recycled plastic bottles


The design team helped the client transfer their online shopping experience into a physical location that suits the New Zealand market.

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“While the design aligns with the company’s international design guidelines, it also tells a more local story.”

The environmentally friendly footwear company was co-founded by Kiwi Tim Brown and materials expert Joey Zwillinger. Made from New Zealand Merino wool, Allbirds shoes also use recycled plastic bottles in their laces and sustainable sugarcane in their soles. Ensuring that the design reflected the company’s sustainability and ethical ethos was a key driver for the design.

With simple details and colours, the products are the focus in the store. Customers are encouraged to be tactile; shoes can easily be plucked from their pegboard displays, while bunches of coloured laces invite customers to touch and learn about the materials.

The store’s point of sale desk is a key feature. Inspired by the volcanoes of Auckland, the cones are made from blue stone and seamlessly integrate with the flooring, while the desk’s timber top represents a traditional Māori waka.