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Garden Lane – Botany Town Centre

A sustainably designed retail promenade of boutique shopfronts and relaxed dining

The shopper journey is one of discovery


The shopper journey is one of discovery

Best-in-class regenerative placemaking

Located in Aucklands’ Botany Town Centre and set under an expansive canopy of soaring laminated timber arches, Garden Lane is a retail experience that blurs the line between how we live, relax, and shop. Lush greenery, boutique stores, and relaxed eateries stretch along the laneway, which connects two core hubs of the shopping centre.

True to its name, greenery is a key feature


True to its name, greenery is a key feature

Auckland, New Zealand
September 2019


passive ventilation


hyperbolic arches


sqm of boutique retail promenade

Laminated timber arches


Laminated timber arches


Garden Lane is the result of a highly collaborative design approach between the client, architects, engineers, tenants, and the community. The design team's goal was to create a refurbishment that introduces an innovative twist to the traditional suburban retail typology.

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"Careful planning has delivered a balance of additional leasable space with a finely compressed laneway and covered court of varied grain."

The transformation of Garden Lane is an environmentally sustainable example of regenerative placemaking that further positions Botany Town Centre as an urban hub for Aucklanders and visitors alike. It reconnects the larger urban spaces of the town centre, creating an integrated and intuitive circulation experience.

The architecture of the semi-enclosed space celebrates the centre's strong connection to nature. Lush greenery overhangs from the eaves of each shopfront and potted palms line the walkway. The arches, made from natural timber, provide a towering vertical dimension and sunlight streams through the translucent canopy overhead.

While shopfront windows are framed with black steel that is reminiscent of New York’s Soho retail precinct, the textured flooring leads to a children’s play area in the central courtyard. Garden Lane is a refreshing addition to the Town Centre’s retail offerings, but it doesn’t lose sight of the centre's family-friendly focus.

The expansive translucent canopy is a highly technical engineering achievement. A design collaboration between Ignite and Create, the canopy is constructed using Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) - a completely recyclable material that uses less than 1 percent of the embodied energy usage of glass. The ETFE canopy is inflated over a diagrid metal structure and kept taut using a pressure valve. Shoppers are protected from the elements but are still provided a sense of being outside.

The light-filled, airy laneway encourages its community of users to slow down, socialise, and take enjoyment in the act of the retail promenade.



Best Awards - Silver


Commercial Project Awards - Gold


PCNZ Awards - Excellence