“I really enjoy the collaborative and transparent way we operate together here.”
RALPH SORIANO ASSOCIATE ralphs@ignitearchitects.com


My approach to architecture, and life in general, is to keep learning new things. Bear the most responsibility you can carry. That’s what drives personal growth.

Looking back, it’s a philosophy I was exposed to early. I grew up in the Philippines with a father who was a builder and I’ve always been interested in how things work. In time that led to me opening an architectural studio, collaborating with clients in the Philippines, USA, Australia and the Middle East.

Then I moved with my family to New Zealand in 2015. I had to learn about different approaches to design, and unfamiliar rules and systems. But it’s been great – I really enjoy the collaborative and transparent way we operate here at Ignite.

Working on the new Strata Lounge in Auckland International Airport was rewarding, especially now it’s recognised as one of the best lounges in Asia Pacific. Being part of the Special Projects team, and working on the Metlifecare Orion Point project, has also been gratifying. We’ve been able to focus on end users’ needs and help residents find happiness through our work.

Although it sounds paradoxical, adrenaline helps me relax. I enjoy riding motorcycles because speed keeps me focused. If I weren’t an architect I’d probably spend my time working on motorcycles and cars.