“When it comes to concept design, I’m quite traditional in my approach.”
MICHAEL O'GORMAN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR michaelog@ignitearchitects.com

Creating buildings of absolute design quality is really important to me.

I always aspire to exceed the client’s expectations in that respect. I think that forming a really strong concept early on helps carry the project right through. Having a clear vision that the client, design team and consultants can understand is critical in determining the final outcome.

When it comes to concept design, I’m quite traditional in my approach. I have excellent hand drawing skills that enable me to produce very high quality concept presentations for clients, which can then be seamlessly worked into computer models.  

Before joining Ignite I spent 10 years working for a firm based in Dubai. I completed projects all over the world, including Mauritius, Montenegrό, Bali and the Middle East. The main focus of my work was resort hotels and beach clubs, but I also worked on prestigious villa projects. In addition, I was invited to design a variety of projects – from embassies to golf resorts, including golf courses and spas for the Sheik of Dubai.

Having worked overseas, I’ve noticed that in other countries projects are more often won through limited competitions. Having been invited to compete in a number of these, along with three or four other international firms, I’d have to ensure the design concept was exceptional right from the start. Winning work this way also gave me the opportunity to design against firms that I really admire, which is an amazing experience.

These days being an architect is quite a complicated role, so I think it’s important to be part of a team. When you are faced with such a broad range of issues – from planning regulations to detailing – no one can know everything, so it’s good to have access to a range of expertise.

Away from work my family keeps me busy. I have two children – my son is training to be a chiropractor and my daughter is finishing up at high school. I also enjoy sports, especially tennis and mountain biking with my wife.